The Aftermath

In your absence,
the soil spawned
vegetation and flowers
of unknown origin.
In your absence,
the clocks turned back,
and mirrors reflected
a tattooed virgin.
In your absence,
I purged my past
through bitter bombast,
and came home
to find broken glass,
splintered wood, remnants
of a storm damaged house.
In your absence,
I learned I was indestructible.



A heroine full of piss and vinegar
ascends through the fog
and dissonance
to face the prostituted politicians
awash in the blood of innocents.

Accepting his lot for the foreseeable future, he finds pleasure in the occasional warm touch among the multitude of cold, the silence sitting before the water, lost at sea, the seconds it takes for his taste buds to remember, it is sweet.

bonded by conversation
and the four chambers
the malleable muscle never stops
so long as their fingers interlock
from open skies
unpossessed and unowned
they return to the undressed window
through which they’d flown

fact and fiction
are bleeding together
and who will be the last
to die for your right
(thou shalt not and all that)
while movies tv fetishize
we’re raised pacified
watching the boob tube
and the silver screen
where problems and crises
are solved with ease
by shooting and killing
actions have consequences
inaction has consequences
(sin of omission and all that)
kardashians have consequences
hence the heartless narcissist in chief
our suppository of american sin
giving us a taste of our own medicine
living betwixt and between
what is good and what is bad
what is real and what is reality
(purgatory and all that)

A cauterized heart
bleached by sorrow
as frozen October tomorrow,
set aglow by an Autumn moon,
illuminates a simple room;
a faint murmur of hope,
a wink, and weightlessly
fear and trembling